Support for families facing

Fentanyl-Induced Homicide

We can all join the fight for families who have experienced the loss of a loved one to fentanyl.


Hope and Healing

Steve’s Story: Some things don’t hit home until they hit home.

On January 6, 2022; I received a call from my ex-wife. Since we only call each other when it pertains to the children, I knew that her call was regarding our 23-year-old daughter Stevie, or our 18-year-old son Dallas.

I answered and I immediately knew that something was wrong. I could tell by the way my ex said my name. She had been crying but pulled herself together as best she could to speak. The next sentence carried the words that no parent wants to hear, “your daughter Stevie….”

Stevie had been found in her bed, unresponsive that morning – the EMTs had not initiated CPR or other life saving measures because rigor mortis had already set in – my baby girl was gone.

Stevie’s mom was there, but homicide investigator would not allow her to see or touch Stevie, obviously an autopsy was required and here are the two findings that rocked my world: the cause of death was fentanyl toxicity and Stevie was pregnant with my grandchild.

So here I am, almost 62 years old with 38 years experience in the counseling profession, yet I find myself in uncharted waters. Now the fentanyl epidemic has become up-close and personal for me. It’s kinda like when you decide to get a certain car, you suddenly notice that car you just bought – I hear, see and read about fentanyl EVERYDAY now.

So I did a quick search online and wow, I was blown away; not only by how prevalent fentanyl is, but shamefully, how I’ve been oblivious to agony other families are experience at this very moment.

Like most parents, I had big dreams for my baby girl Stevie; actually, I have a video of me holding her on April 29, 1998. She was two days old and I was speaking blessings over her, that she would be smart, an amazing singer, a musician, an athlete, well rounded and that she would give her life to Lord at an early age, and you know what? All those proclamations came to fruition – the video is here.

Stevie was beautiful young lady, and yes, I was an overprotective dad – but I wouldn’t change that. So now I’m compelled to act. I cannot bring Stevie back, but her case is still an active homicide investigation, and like any family we’d like to have answers for the sake of closure and justice.

We can all join the fight for families who have experienced the loss of a loved one to fentanyl, which is why I’m creating a nonprofit organization to not only raise the awareness of fentanyl-induced homicides, but also to advocate legislation and support for families.


Has a fentanyl-induced homicide affected your family?

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